Reduce + Reuse - Eco Hacks from Indiebabe ♥︎

As a small business, we are always looking for ways to make our products eco-conscious. We focus on using eco-friendly and high quality materials, while repurposing scrap fabrics into bow sets. 

Being eco-conscious is also something we try to live out in our daily life away from the shop. As a busy mom, I spend lots of time in the kitchen #snacklife

Take a peek at some of the eco-conscious swaps that are easy to implement in your own home…. and are great for the Earth! 

Coffee > all other things. Reusable coffee filters are a fantastic way to cut down on the bulk waste that comes with the one-and-done filters at the store. Etsy has a variety of handcrafted filters available. So not only are you helping the earth, you are supporting a small shop just like ours! 


Paper towels have to be the handiest kitchen item I have ever used. Tiny humans are literally walking messes, and paper towels make quick clean up easy. You never know where a mess will strike! 

Reusable paper towels and cloth napkins help to eliminate SO much unnecessary landfill waste - and BONUS - they come in cute patterns, too!!

We were able to find a ton of prints on both Etsy and Amazon!!


Leftovers night is a pretty popular concept, agreed upon in most parenting groups. That night where you just can not bring yourself to cook again. So you pull out the saved leftovers from the days before. Natural beeswax wrap is a fabulous ZERO waste product that will eliminate your cling wrap and foil but still keep your lasagne fresh and ready to reheat!

Check out our Pinterest board for eco hacks for some DIY beeswax ideas!


Food scraps and yard waste together currently make up more than 30 percent of what we throw away, but could easily be composted instead. Backyard composters are a great way to get the family involved in keeping food and yard waste out of landfills. 


If you are living in a small space without a backyard, countertop compost bins would make for a perfect smaller alternative for you!


There are so many ways to reduce and reuse with simple eco-hacks and small changes in your home.  What are some ways you've changed to a more environmentally friendly home?


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