Caring for yourself: self-care for busy mamas

Mom, partner, employee, teacher, chauffeur, chef, maid, ouchie kisser, teeth brusher, booty wiper; the list could go on and on. As mamas, we are constantly wearing multiple hats and putting ourselves last. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and this year mom’s are needing to get creative with stay at home self care. 

We’ve listed five simple self care ideas that are easy to do at home, and practical for the busy mama! Because who has time?! 

  1. Journaling…. when my daughter was in the hospital I started the habit of journaling. It helped me to write emotions down that I was maybe too scared, embarrassed or frustrated to talk about outloud. It was a cathartic end to each day. Sometimes I flip back in old journals and I can see the bad days, the good days, the typical days…. and it is a nice reminder of how far I have come and what I can still accomplish. 

  2. A long hot shower to detox and relax muscles.... when we say a long hot shower we need to add a pivotal word: ALONE! A long hot shower with no kids, no dogs, no husbands. Just you, and some shower steamers. 

    We love the selection of steamers, salts, soaks & more from our friend at Mama Bear Bath Co!  Shop her selection here and save with code 3LOVES at checkout!

  3. Staying hydrated is key to self care! If you are like me and hate the taste of plain water, you can make “fancy water” as my four year old says. Just add cucumber, basil, lemon, berries, etc. Pinterest has all kinds of fun combos that make hydrating less of a chore. Go get your bougie H2o on!

  4. Do an at home facial…. with 2020 being the year of staying home, we have invested in some great at home facial kits. Etsy, Ulta, and Kate Somerville all have awesome ready-to-use sets.  We love not having to spend the extra time for prep work!

    For some extra fun, Pinterest is full of DIY face masks and exfoliants that you can make at home with everyday products around the house. 

  5. Add some color to your life…. this is our favorite self care tip. We love to color while listening to our favorite podcast, or while having a tried and true Netflix show running in the background.

    Amazon has tons of fun adult coloring books. Our favorite so far has been this #momlife book.



What have been some of your favorite self-care tips that have gotten you through a rough mama patch? What do you do to take care of yourself on the regular?

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